Second in Series to Inform the Public: Mr. Paul Monti

Jared Christopher Monti (20 September 1975 – 21 June 2006) was a soldier in the United States Army who received the United States military’s highest decoration for valor, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in the War in Afghanistan

Since Jared’s passing, his father Paul frequently has  driven his son’s truck; “it has Jared’s “DNA all over it… it reminds me of him; I think about him every hour of every day.”

On Friday, April 26th at Cape Cod Community College, the Cape and Islands Veterans Outreach Center is honored to host Mr. Paul Monti as the second in our speaker series which attempts to provide further insights to the public on the nature and consequences of military service.

Mr. Monti will give us a moving glimpse of the character behind an American hero,  the family which helped to build that character over a lifetime, and the incredible loss that family suffers when their child is no longer with them.

 As President Obama said in presenting the Medal of Honor to Jared’s parents, not all of us truly understand what it means “to serve, and to sacrifice. Jared Monti knew. The Monti family knows. And they know that the actions we honor today were not a passing moment of courage. They were the culmination of a life of character and commitment.”

Currently the veteran population represents only one per cent of the entire population of our country.  That small population, however, serves all of us.

One small gesture of thanks to that population is to demonstrate our interest in sharing what that service may have cost both the veterans and their families.

Please join us in the Science Building at Cape Cod Community College, Lecture Hall A, at 11:30 am for a brief luncheon and then Mr. Monti’s talk beginning at noon.

Seats are limited so please email your reservations, by Tuesday the 23rd of April, to Thank you.